The Bugenhagen


July 26 - July 28, 2021 : Racine, Wisconsin
July 26 - 28, 2021

St. John's Lutheran Church

510 Kewaunee St.

Racine, WI 53402

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The Bugenhagen Conference is a three day conference for pastors on practical theology. Attendance and meals at the conference are free to registrants. The conference will feature three keynote speakers and forty workshops presented by over twenty pastors.
The Reformation held up the great truth of salvation by grace through faith. Faithful Lutheran pastors know that the gospel is to permeate the teaching and the life of the congregation. Our preaching, teaching, and all of our practices should be fully shaped by the Word of God. The Pastor ought to excel in his ministry whether it be in teaching, caring for the sick and dying, providing biblical counsel, or being an example in holy living.
The Bugenhagen Conference was created to help pastors hone their craft and excel in all facets of ministry. Pastors know that there is always room for improvement, whether it be in the routine tasks of administration, or in more particular matters of pastoral leadership in the parish. The pastor is to be competent, confident, and skilled in his ministry.
The Bugenhagen Conference is a gathering particularly designed for the parish pastor, providing a place for him to honestly evaluate himself against the biblical model of who a pastor is to be. Here he can critically assess among brothers what qualities, skills, and characteristics he has developed and, also, where he needs to develop. The workshops allow pastors to hear from brothers in the ministerium who can provide practical guidance in approaching specific tasks and challenging situations that one may face in the parish.


Participants at the Bugenhagen Conference will hear three Keynote Addresses. Out of the forty Workshops offered, they will be able to attend eight. It has been said pastors of different ages and experience naturally bring particular gifts to the church: the young, zeal; the middle-aged, stability; and, the elders, wisdom. A healthy mix and balance of these qualities will be brought together at the conference in order to strengthen and build up our ministerium in the Missouri Synod.


Keynote Speakers

Workshop Presentations

(The workshops will be updated for 2021. Below are the workshops from the 2019 conference.)

I. Preaching and Teaching


Confirmation Instruction: How to Use My Materials -- Pastor Peter Bender

Getting Better at Bible Study -- Pastor Peter Bender

Getting Better at Bible Study -- Pastor Burnell Eckardt

Getting Better at Bible Study -- Pastor David Petersen

Learning the New Obedience through Suffering -- Pastor Andrew Preus

Preaching without a Net -- Pastor Burnell Eckardt

Teaching the Fear of God in the Congregation -- Pastor Stephen Preus

Using Maps in Bible Study and the Classroom -- Pastor David Ramirez

II. Liturgical Matters

Beautifying the Building -- Pastor James Roemke

How Do I Establish An All Male Acolyte Corps? -- Pastor Jason Braaten

Hymns in the Congregation -- Pastor Mark Preus

Learning How to Chant/Improving Your Chanting -- Pastor Sean Willman

Teaching the Kernlieder in the Congregation -- Pastor Jacob Sutton

III. Care of Souls

Hospital Visitation -- Pastor Ralph Tausz

Hymns at Home -- Pastor Mark Preus

Riding Herd: An Approach to Delinquents -- Pastor Scott Adle

Shut-In Calls -- Pastor Ralph Tausz

Spiritual Counsel in the Confessional -- Pastor David Petersen

Using Hymns in Pastoral Care -- Pastor Jacob Sutton

IV. Congregational Life and Parish Administration

How to Be Cheap: Save Money on Tech -- Pastor Benjamin Holt

Moving from Close to Closed Communion -- Pastor Travis Loeslie

Outreach: Presentations for Your Surrounding Community -- Pastor Travis Berg

Promoting a Lutheran Identity in the School -- Pastor Jack Gilbert

Shepherding College Students -- Pastor Michael Larson

Stewardship Under the Cross -- Pastor Heath Curtis

Suggestions for Your LWML Chapter and Zone -- Pastor Joshua Conradt

What to Do at Your Sunday School Teachers Meeting -- Pastor Jason Braaten

V. Pastoral Leadership

Building the Brotherhood in the Circuit -- Pastor Benjamin Ball

How How to Deliberate a Call -- Pastor Benjamin Ball

Poetry is Practical -- Pastor Travis Berg

How to Be a Small Town American Pastor Pastor Heath Curtis

Keynote Addresses

Monday, July 26: 

Tuesday, July 27: The Brotherhood of the Ministry -- Pastor Benjamin Ball

Wednesday, July 28: Sloth vs. Zeal -- Pastor Jason Braaten



St. John's Lutheran Church
Racine, WI
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Union Grove, WI
Messiah Lutheran Church
Kenosha, WI

Planning Committee

Rev. Jack Gilbert 

St. John's Lutheran Church 

Racine, WI

Rev. David P. Ramirez

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Union Grove, WI

Rev. Aaron Uphoff

Calvary Lutheran Church

Watseka, IL

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