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Online Worship and Online Communion

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

We've got a couple great new links on our resource page: Resistance to Tyrannical Authority.

Pr. Ben Ball recently did an interview with Issues, Etc. concerning a couple resolutions the Southern Illinois District just passed in convention. Check it out:

Online Worship and Online CommunionIssues, Etc. interview of Pr. Ben Ball

In this interview, Rev. Benjamin T. Ball, 6th Vice President of the Missouri Synod, discusses the Church's duty to worship "in-person" and gather together in the face of government overreach as well as the erring (and absurd) practice of "internet communion."

​The two resolutions from the Southern Illinois District which were mentioned in the interview:

To Affirm the Church’s Essential Nature and the Freedom to Celebrate the Divine Service

To Reject Internet Communion as Contrary to the Word of God

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