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Workshop: Teaching the Kernlieder in the Congregation

Pastor Jacob Sutton, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Terre Haute, IN, will be leading a workshop entitled Teaching the Kernlieder in the Congregation. Below is a description of the workshop.

As confessional Lutheran pastors, we know (or ought to know) what the core, basic hymnody of an authentic Lutheran piety is and is not. All too often, congregations have not been given the great gift of appreciating and desiring the core hymns of the Lutheran Reformation, which provide genuine comfort and unyielding truth to Christians in the face of a hostile world. We will consider how to introduce, instill, and maintain these core hymns into the conscience and piety of the people.

To see a complete list of the workshops and learn more about the Bugenhagen Conference visit our website: You can register for the conference here.

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