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Worshipping Well

Second only to preaching and teaching, the interaction people in our churches have with Lutheran theology and practice comes in the worship service. The Divine Service and other liturgies are rich due to their biblical content, and they are adorned with music worthy of that content. We do well for ourselves and our people when we worship in the fullest accord with our liturgical heritage.

Come see, hear, and learn for yourself with our array of presentations on Liturgical Matters:

Beautifying the Building -- Pastor James Roemke

How Do I Establish An All Male Acolyte Corps? -- Pastor Jason Braaten

Hymns and Music Selection for Funerals -- Pastor John Preus

Improving Your Chanting -- Pastor John Berg

Learning How to Chant -- Pastor John Berg

Mission (Im)Possible: Moving from Contemporary to Liturgical Worship -- Pastor Clint Poppe

Teaching the Kernlieder in the Congregation -- Pastor Jacob Sutton

What Every Altar Guild Should Know...For Real -- Pastor Steven Anderson

Hone your ability to conduct the service, gain a better understanding of how and why we worship as we do, and enjoy the opportunity to worship with other pastors in our ministerium in beautiful St. John's Lutheran Church in Racine, Wisconsin, at the Bugenhagen Conference, this summer!


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