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Bugenhagen Conference 2018: Workshop Schedule

The Bugenhagen Conference 2018

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Time #1 (Monday 2:30pm)

Big League Bible Study -- Pastor Burnell Eckardt

Hospital Visitation -- Pastor Ralph Tausz

How to Give Advice to a Brother in Need -- Pastor Karl Fabrizius

The Benefits of the Long Term Pastorate -- Pastor Michael Knox

Workshop Time #2 (Monday 4:00pm)

Hymns and Music Selection for Funerals -- Pastor John Preus

Learning How to Chant -- Pastor John Berg

Mission (Im)Possible: Moving from Contemporary to Liturgical Worship -- Pastor Clint Poppe

Showing Them the Ropes: Being a Vicarage Supervisor -- Pastor Jacob Sutton

Teaching the Fear of God in the Congregation -- Pastor Stephen Preus

Workshop Time #3 (Tuesday 11:00am)

Having a Command of the Psalms for Pastoral Care -- Pastor Ryan Loeslie

Improving Your Chanting -- Pastor John Berg

Moving from Close to Closed Communion -- Pastor Travis Loeslie

The Pros and Cons of Becoming Involved in Your Community -- Pastor Jason Braaten

What Every Altar Guild Should Know...For Real -- Pastor Steven Anderson

Workshop Time #4 (Tuesday 1:30pm)

Reintroducing Individual Confession and Absolution -- Pastor Michael Knox

Ruling Your Household Well: Putting 1 Timothy 3 into Practice -- Pastor Benjamin Ball

Shut-In Calls -- Pastor Ralph Tausz

Time Management -- Pastor Dan Bishop

Workshop Time #5 (Tuesday 2:30pm)

Beautifying the Building -- Pastor James Roemke

Encouraging Young Men to Go to Seminary -- Pastor Karl Fabrizius

How Do I Establish An All Male Acolyte Corps? -- Pastor Jason Braaten

Shepherding College Students -- Pastor Michael Larson

When and How to Say ‘No’ -- Pastor Travis Berg

Workshop Time #6 (Tuesday 4:00pm)

Reading the Bible for Preaching -- Pastor David Petersen

Reviving Confessional Lutheranism in the Congregation -- Pastor Stephen Preus

Riding Herd: An Approach to Delinquents -- Pastor Scott Adle

Building the Brotherhood in the Circuit -- Pastor Benjamin Ball

Workshop Time #7 (Wednesday 9:15am)

Keeping Up on Your Studies in the Parish -- Pastor Dan Bishop

Outreach: Presentations for Your Surrounding Community -- Pastor Travis Berg

Suggestions for Your Sunday School Opening -- Pastor John Preus

Teaching the Kernlieder in the Congregation -- Pastor Jacob Sutton

Workshop Time #8 (Wednesday 10:30am)

Mission (Im)Possible: Moving from Open to Closed Communion -- Pastor Clint Poppe

Preaching without a Net -- Pastor Burnell Eckardt

Spiritual Counsel in the Confessional -- Pastor David Petersen

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