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Final Details for Bugenhagen 2019...

Just a few final details for the conference:

1. We will definitely be having a 16 inch (no mitts needed) softball game Tuesday evening. If you want to play, I would encourage you to bring a pair of gym shoes. But since we won't be exerting ourselves to much, sandals or comfortable shoes would be fine as well.

2. We'll be having a table set up for folks who wish to swap books and for folks to drop off books they wish to give away. Please place a note on top of them with your name if you wish to swap they don't walk away by mistake.

3. Just as a reminder: This year wives and family are *not* invited to meals and entertainment. We are trying to keep costs down. However, there is a Facebook group for families to coordinate outings and meet-ups.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

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