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Leading along the Way

Implicit in the pastor's work as shepherd to his congregation is that he is their leader. He guides them not only through his preaching and teaching but also in the direction he works to take the congregation. Pastoral leadership is no small or unimportant task, which is why at the Bugenhagen Conference in Racine this summer we'll have the following sectional presentations on leading in the Office of the Holy Ministry:

Building the Brotherhood in the Circuit -- Pastor Benjamin Ball

How to Give Advice to a Brother in Need -- Pastor Karl Fabrizius

Keeping Up on Your Studies in the Parish -- Pastor Dan Bishop

Reviving Confessional Lutheranism in the Congregation -- Pastor Stephen Preus

Ruling Your Household Well: Putting 1 Timothy 3 into Practice -- Pastor Benjamin Ball

Showing Them the Ropes: Being a Vicarage Supervisor -- Pastor Jacob Sutton

Time Management -- Pastor Dan Bishop

The Benefits of the Long Term Pastorate -- Pastor Michael Knox

The Pros and Cons of Becoming Involved in Your Community -- Pastor Jason Braaten

When and How to Say ‘No’ -- Pastor Travis Berg

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