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Videos of the Bugenhagen 2019 Keynote Presentations and Sermons

Pr. Fritz Eckardt giving the opening Keynote Address at Bugenhagen 2019

Videos from the 2019 Bugenhagen Conference are now available. The 3 Keynote Presentations:

How the Atonement Shapes Our Pastoral Task -- Pastor Fritz Eckardt

No Dearer Treasure: The Faithful Pastor -- Pastor Ralph Tausz

Teaching Lutheran Hymnody -- Pastor Mark Preus And, the 4 Sermons:

Monday Vespers -- Preacher: Pr. Jack Gilbert

Tuesday Matins -- Preacher: Pr. Daniel Torkelson

Tuesday Vespers -- Preacher: Pr. Fritz Eckardt

Wednesday Matins -- Preacher: Pr. Aaron Uphoff Videos from 2018 can be found here. Special thanks to Mr. Gene Wilken for all the videography work that makes it possible for these videos to be available.

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