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Workshop: Showing Them the Ropes: Being a Vicarage Supervisor

Pastor Jacob Sutton, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Terre Haute, IN, will be leading a workshop entitled Showing Them the Ropes: Being a Vicarage Supervisor. Below is a description of the workshop.

When our Lord says to pray that the Lord of the harvest will raise up workers for the harvest field, sometimes part of the answer to that prayer is moving a congregation and pastor to host a vicar within our LCMS Master of Divinity program. Young men studying for the ministry need a safe, stable, and supportive place in which to begin to see the theology they have been learning to be applied to the lives of Christ’s holy people. Take a look behind the scenes of one congregation’s ongoing provision for and participation in the vicarage program.

To see a complete list of the workshops and learn more about the Bugenhagen Conference visit our website: You can register for the conference here.

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