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Workshop: Big League Bible Study -- Pastor Burnell Eckardt

Pastor Burnell Eckardt, St. Paul's Lutheran Church--Kewanee, IL, will be leading a workshop entitled Big League Bible Study . Below is a description of the workshop.

This workshop offers pastors a way of looking at and conducting Bible studies that incorporates and hones their own pastoral skill as catechist and teacher. These are not “Bible studies” as typically understood, packaged with stock questions and personal fill-in-the-blank study guides, whose success is mostly measured by how well discussion is facilitated. They are, rather, opportunities for in-depth catechesis, something that is of vital importance in the life of the individual Christian and of the congregation as a whole.

To see a complete list of the workshops and learn more about the Bugenhagen Conference visit our website: You can register for the conference here.


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