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Workshop: Reintroducing Individual Confession and Absolution -- Pastor Michael Knox

Pastor Michael Knox, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church--Cedar Falls, IA, will be leading a workshop entitled Reintroducing Confession and Absolution into the Lutheran Congregation. Below is a description of the workshop .

Confession and Absolution as described in the Lutheran Confessions is exclusively done on an individual pastor/penitent basis. Despite this, Individual Confession and Absolution is rarely practiced in LCMS congregations as a normal administration of the Word of God. Pastor Knox will offer historical evidence and draw conclusions as to why Confession and Absolution, as described in the Lutheran Confessions, is rarely practiced in the Synod.  He will then describe how he has reintroduced the practice of Individual Confession and Absolution into congregational life at Our Redeemer in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

To see a complete list of the workshops and learn more about the Bugenhagen Conference visit our website: You can register for the conference here.


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