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Our Most Visible Task

The sectional speaker topics at the Bugenhagen Conference are divided up into five categories. The first category concerns the most public aspect of the pastor's work: preaching and teaching. Each week, often on multiple occasions, we get up in front of our members and authoritatively speak the Word of God. We instruct, rebuke, forgive, and encourage, according to the text and need. When you attend the conference, you'll be able to hone these skills in one or more of the following sectionals:

Big League Bible Study -- Pastor Burnell Eckardt

Preaching without a Net -- Pastor Burnell Eckardt

Reading the Bible for Preaching -- Pastor David Petersen

Teaching the Fear of God in the Congregation -- Pastor Stephen Preus

If you're an LCMS pastor who wants to improve this important part of ministry, register for this free conference today!


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